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Researches show that some animals innate self-medicating behavior

Some of the latest researches have shown how some animals living in the wild can identify and utilize natural healing sources. Those sources are herbs and plant around them. Since animals are not capable of directly linking cause and effect, as well as symptoms and exact illness or disease, we can conclude that it’s a consequence of natural selection. It’s being passed onto their offspring, making it an innate trait. Strange, huh?

Parrots eating and licking soil to fight parasites in their digestive system

Apart from chewing plants and leaves to ease the pain and remove some illnesses’ symptoms, animals also tend to self-medicate themselves by using clay, soils or even charcoal. They help them reduce stress level. This information helps us understand how beneficial alternative medicine techniques can be for wild animals, as well as pets. Methods like herbology and aromatherapy for animals are not a thing made up by humans. It’s a natural approach embedded in animals’ DNA. And yet it has never been as popular with veterinarians and pet owners as it is today. Maybe it’s time to learn from nature.


Self – medication as a form of stress relief

It’s also more that possible that animals also use some self – medicating techniques to reduce stress and to relax their bodies and minds. Living in the wild certainly brings a number of stressful situations for the animals. Stress is not unfamiliar to pet animals as well – it’s also known how pet owners can pass on stress onto their loved animals since the bond they have can be very strong. So be careful how you act around your pet. They can feel everything! And you must be aware of that.