About Us

Well… First of all we’d like to tell you who we are.

We are a team of two young, educated young men who work and study at URAF. It stands for Unmanned Research Aircraft Facility. We are specializing in behavioral analysis in wild animals. We track their habits and behaviors, focusing on their innate capability to find natural medicines in the area they inhabit. There’s six of us in the team, but only two of us are keeping the blog alive. 🙂 The rest of them is always working outside of this virtual reality. But, every work counts! At least we like to say so.

Here you can see us in our “Office”, how we like to call the Institute’s private reservation area we use every day. All the animals living there are living their life to the full, we assure you! We would never harm any of them for any of our numerous expeditions and researches.

What do we do?

We believe nature has the cure for every disease and illness on the planet, and wild animals know the secret to some breathtaking, amazing medicines which can be find in their natural habitats. Since they lack the ability to pass us all those valuable information, we need to take initiative and find it out by ourselves.

Our researching methods consist of personally observing and monitoring animals’ behaviors and actions. But, lately we’ve been introducing lots of new technologies and machines to help us in our mission. We’re proud to say we’re one of few facilities dealing with animals which use drones and simple air crafts to gather information. We also encourage our colleagues to do so in the Institutes and Organization they work for. It’s definitely the future of research!


Using drones in our researches

We are funded by our local University, so we are thankful for the equipment and all the support we are getting from them!

Our work expenses are also partially covered from donations we get from all the good and animal-loving people out there. Words can’t described how thankful we are for every single one of your donations. We promise to do our best and always keep going forward on our path of understanding animals so we can improve their health care system and help introducing some new alternative methods and techniques which can help your pets feel better. If you want to donate : please check the Contact page and let us know about that so we can provide you with the info needed!